Sunday, December 1, 2013

Financial Astrology - December 1, 2013

I'm going to lump the 3 areas I cover into one group for this post. They are related.

As we enter a new month the general markets in the US continue their march higher and the FED, at the moment, continue with QE, in effect creating $85 billion new dollars per month. Other central banks around the world are printing as well so their currencies do not become too overvalued. against the US buck.

I'm continuing to watch the 27 week cycle (see the last post). I would give it a range of approx. 1 to 2 weeks either side. The markets are stretched and over bought, but with all the excess cheap money around they continue up past most thoughtful persons targets. The market could turn at any moment. When it does turn it could be sharp and fast. A 10-15% correction would be a good thing. I think a crash is a 2014 - 2015 event although I'm leaning to 2014. Following is an updated chart weekly chart of the SP500.

Note the low volume on this chart as prices rise.

Astrologically this month has four very important events. Even more important because they are so close to each other. These events are:

December 12 Jupiter in waning trine to Saturn

December 17 Uranus stationary direct

December 21 Venus stationary retrograde

Near the end of the month Mars will be translating the Uranus / Pluto square from Dec 25 to Dec 30 and the Sun will translate the same square on Dec 30 through Jan 1, 2014. It could be an explosive holiday period, but before we get there lets review the first 3 dates above. This period, in late December could hit Europe the worst with France standing out.

This square highlights the issues of social unrest / unhappiness with political leaders, earth disturbances, weather, terrorism / cyber terrorism.

Dec 12 is the middle trine of a 3 pass which extends from July 17, 2013 to May 24, 2014. This signature has a history of significant cycles occurring somewhere between the first and last dates. At this point I would NOT be looking for a strong move up. Those who have studied Mundane Astrology understand astrological events are typically part of a cycle. The synodic cycle for the Jupiter waning trine to Saturn started at the last conjunction of these two planets. That is when the seed idea of this cycle was born. When was it? On May 22, 2000 just after the high in the dot com bubble and just before the meat of the slide down. This is en-grained in this synodic cycle. Don't think in isolation. Astrological aspects must be interpreted with an eye to the cycle they are in and the other cycles unfolding at the same time. We live in a big clock. This takes a lot of work and time. Most people don't put in the work and time.

Venus retrograde (+- a week) has a history of changes in monetary policy, interest rates, currencies and sometimes precious metals. Read that last sentence again. Venus retrograde can equate to counter trend moves in a number of markets. Every 8 years it retrogrades and returns direction in the same location of the zodiac. Venus turned retrograde within a couple of days of the 2009 bottom.

Uranus direct is associated with market trend changes (+- a week). It also has a history of trend changes in Gold within 2 days either way. Of possible more importance, Uranus turning direct usually marks an intermediate top or a bottom within a few weeks for the US$. See the blue arrow pointing right on the following chart. Normally I would give this signature a range of a couple of weeks either way. In this case the FOMC meeting starts on Dec 17 with the announcement and forecasts due out Dec 18. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE DATES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS. I hope I am clear. Also Quadruple Witching is on Dec 20, 2013, another day where large price swings are common.

The following weekly chart shows the 17 and 18 month cycles with the blue arrow Uranus turning direct.

Another chart for the SP500 showing resistance at the fib extension and another showing a Gann Fan with the 45 degree showing resistance.

I believe Gold is now in it's 7th week of the primary trend and overdue for a move up. It's possible we could see a spike low first but we should be close to a low which may occur around the Dec 17-21 dates or the end of the month when we have the translations of the Uranus / Pluto square. It would seem to tie into the Venus retrograde on Dec 21 and just 4 days after Uranus turns direct. These two planets could cause movement in a number of markets around the Dec 21 time frame.

In December and continuing into 2014 should see social unrest as pressure is mounting world-wide on changes to the structure of government and large institutions. People are increasingly unhappy with their elected officials. This theme will be repeated through much of this decade along with wealth disparity, increases in earth disturbances, severe weather, terrorism / cyber terrorism. What fun!

Things are expected to clear up economically and in other areas in 2020 or beyond. Hang on, it will be quite a ride.

This week or next I will I'll post a list of dates for the first half of 2014. These dates should cover market turns and important world events.

A note on Crude. Crude should be close to a bottom. It's in the 16th week of it's primary cycle. If it spikes low early in the week I'll be a buyer.

“You are who you are when no one is watching.”


  1. Concerning you comment on Gold. Friday is going to be a big day, and see a reversal in precious metals. Down I think. It will depend on the direction at that time.
    Both the astro graph and cycle analysis are pointing to a reversal.
    Charts are available free in the "OSS Newsletter and Forecast." Google it if you are interested.

  2. Gold has been trending down since Sept 2011. I'm not sure how it can reverse down unless it is a very small move.